Sunday, October 10, 2010

Defence leagues’ plan Amsterdam show of support for Geert Wilders

‘Defence leagues’ plan Amsterdam show of support for Geert Wilders

9 10 2010

Via the Guardian:

Far right groups modelled on the English Defence League have been set up across Europe and are planning to demonstrate in Amsterdam in support of the Dutch politician Geert Wilders.

French and Dutch “defence leagues” will join the EDL and several other anti-Islamic organisations on 30 October to coincide with the end of Wilders’s trial for hate speech and inciting racism.

About 2,000 EDL supporters are expected to demonstrate in Leicester tomorrow. Home secretary Theresa May banned marches in the city this week but the EDL said its protest would go ahead, raising fears of unrest.

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10 10 2010 (00:31:06) :

Thank God! It’s about time that Mr. Wilders was shown some support from the Dutch. He is desperately trying to preserve their culture and the Islamisation of his country and for that he is called a fascist?
I am shocked that those who oppose Mr. Wilders haven’t taken a closer look at what he is saying and what he is trying to do for the citizens of the Netherlands. God bless this man who doesn’t knuckle under to political correctness but has the bravery to go ahead and speak out for what he knows is right.
I would like to see the dozens of Muslims who have made videos saying “We will kill that man!” in a courtroom.
How is it that when Mr. Wilders speaks openliy about despising a fascist ideology he is tried for hate speech, but those who plan to murder him are not?
Something smells rotten in Denmark.
Or the Netherlands, in this case.

10 10 2010 Ahmed (11:49:18) : Your comment is awaiting moderation

Israeli salve Greet Wilders and you never condemned BARBARIC Jewish and Israeli customs and practices. Please do not attack Islam based on prejudice and bigotry, unfounded fear and paranoia, ignorance and arrogance. Will you stand up against Zionist filth?

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What do you think about Jewish Shariah (“hadith”) and Stone to Death?

Jewish Shariah (“hadith”) and Stone to Death
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10 10 2010 Ahmed (14:26:06) :

This Israeli salve has been inciting violence against many ethno-religious groups under the guise of free speech! Yet, he is murdering other peoples’ free speech and moderating them!! He doesn’t mind to insult Jesus, mother Marry and Mohammed but not Moses!!!

He is scared of Israel. Wilders is scared of free speech and fair debate. On a several occasions he and his supporters avoided debate and murdered free speech.

The historical evidence of Al Aqsa and Temple Mount can easily prove the fact that Wilders allegations are fraudulent and baseless as well calculated to incite against Muslims and Arabs.

I wonder do yo have any problem with The Prophet Muhammad’s Last Sermon ?

Faruque Ahmed


Free Australia Now, Mobile: 041 091 4118

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